The Cognition and Individual Differences Lab is located in the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, Irvine.

Research at CIDLAB focuses on modern statistical and experimental methods for the social sciences. We use insights from formal statistics to develop new models of human cognition and behavior, approaches to individual differences and the discovery of predictable patterns, and efficient ways of collecting and analyzing data.

The Principal Investigator of CIDLAB is Joachim Vandekerckhove.

Note: There are currently no job openings at the Cognition and Individual Differences lab.

Working at CIDLAB

Researchers at CIDLAB can choose to contribute to any of the various research projects that are currently running at CIDLAB and in collaboration with other research groups at UC Irvine, or they can choose to begin new projects.

Current projects include quantitative modeling of cognition and individual differences, Bayesian statistics, and implementation and deployment of useful computational algorithms. I am also interested in quantitative approaches of detecting and undoing some of the societal challenges currently faced by psychological science (such as publication bias, fraud detection, and closed access to scientific literature) and in new design and analysis methods.

Since research at CIDLAB is focused on mathematical modeling, strong quantitative skills are highly desirable. Note that no advanced knowledge of classical statistics is required, nor is a degree in psychology or cognitive science (although the latter might help). Knowledge of at least one programming language such as MATLAB/Octave, R, Python, Julia, C(++), or similar is a requirement, and any background knowledge of linear algebra, advanced calculus, stochastic processes is helpful. Depending on the project, a willingness to learn any of these topics may be required. Strong candidates will also be proficient writers.

CIDLAB tends to be well funded and its researchers are typically given many opportunities to attend academic conferences and professional development seminars. The University of California, Irvine is an equal opportunity employer and southern California is generally a wonderful place to live.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Principal Investigator at any time.