Diffusion Model Analysis with MATLAB: A DMAT Primer

J. Vandekerckhove and F. Tuerlinckx The Ratcliff diffusion model has proved to be a useful tool in reaction time analysis. However, its use has been limited by the practical difficulty of estimating the parameters. We present a software tool, the Diffusion Model Analysis Toolbox (DMAT), intended to make the Ratcliff diffusion model for reaction time and accuracy data more accessible to experimental psychologists. The tool takes the form of a MATLAB toolbox and can be freely downloaded from Using the program does not require a background in mathematics, nor any advanced programming experience (but familiarity with MATLAB is useful). We demonstrate the basic use of DMAT with two examples. DOI: 10.3758/BRM.40.1.61


Vandekerckhove, J., & Tuerlinckx, F. (2008). Diffusion Model Analysis with MATLAB: A DMAT Primer. Behavior Research Methods, 40, 61–72.


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