Bayesian Bias Correction

Limited MATLAB code to perform the Bayesian Bias Correction is available on GitHub. The method is due to Guan and Vandekerckhove (2016 ) and was instrumental in Etz and Vandekerckhove (2016 ). The code is limited in that it (a) only computes Bayes factors and not effect sizes; (b) only applies to single studies; and (c) only apples to univariate results. More mature software to compute effect sizes and integrate over multiple studies with potentially multivariate tests is still under development.

JAGS diffusion model module

JAGS-Wiener is a JAGS module for the diffusion model. The code is freely available from SourceForge. Information on how to write JAGS modules is in Wabersich and Vandekerckhove (2014 ). If you're having trouble getting this module to work with JAGS 4.x on linux, that's not your fault. Click here.

RWiener package available on CRAN

The RWiener package provides R functions for the Wiener diffusion model. It implements four new distribution functions dwiener, pwiener, qwiener and rwiener. The package is freely available from CRAN, and is maintained on SourceForge. The package is documented in Wabersich and Vandekerckhove (2014 ).

Bayesian Cultural Consensus Toolbox

BCCT is a user-friendly program for estimating psychometric models in the absence of a known answer key. Developed in MATLAB, BCCT is available as a stand-alone program, and requires no programming skill to use. The toolbox is available here and is documented in Oravecz, Vandekerckhove, and Batchelder (2014 ).

Bayesian Hierarchical Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Modeling toolbox

BHOUM is a MATLAB toolbox for the joint analysis of two linked longitudinal variables, across multiple participants. The toolbox is freely available, either as a standalone program as a MATLAB package. BHOUM is available here and is documented in Oravecz, Tuerlinckx, & Vandekerckhove (2016 ).

WinBUGS diffusion model plugin

The WinBUGS diffusion model plugin is a set of Component Pascal functions that implement the first hitting time distribution of a drift diffusion process as a stochastic node in WinBUGS. Use of the plugin is described in Vandekerckhove, Tuerlinckx, and Lee (2011 ) and can be downloaded as a BlackBox file tree here.